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5 Simple Rules for Strategy Execution

Last week we looked at the main pitfalls in Strategy Execution.
Let’s now focus on the challenges of translating general ideas, about what makes you competitive at the organization level, into concrete actions for progress at the individual level.
To address this challenge effectively here are 5 simple rules:

1. Narrow your focus: the first step to a successful execution is to identify a small number of the most important strategy statements for performance and focus on them. The more you try to achieve, the less you’ll accomplish;
2. Make the statements imperative: every chosen statement must be translated into action and an action starts with an imperative;
3. Give the statements real owners: statements are developed at the organization level but implementing them involves individuals in specific departments;
4. Separate out your strategy meetings: create two meeting schedules for executing on a strategy, one for operations reviews and the other for strategic reviews;
5. Appoint a monitor: what we really respond to is not the numbers but rather the attention of people.

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