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Successful partnership: how?

Last week we provided you with all the reasons why having an effective partnership makes the difference when it comes to digital transformation.
Today we want to alert you about the main caveat of building these connections: sharing commitment and values.

In order for the partnership to work, organizations must make sure they share commitment and values and a similar culture of co-growth and learning, in order to avoid one trying to prevaricate the other.

How can you get your company ready for this?

1. Create, in your own firm, a culture that puts customer journey at the centre of everything. Once you’re fully aware that everything you do is for the customer, then opening up to partnerships will be easier and well-accepted.
2. Hire people with a value mindset, who are ready to put aside their personal gains and play for and with the team. They will be more propelled to work with others.

These are fundamental prerequisites every firm should put into practice, otherwise many partnerships are destined to fail.

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