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The importance of the right partner

Last week we left off with the three practical steps companies can take to accelerate the digital transformation journey.
Today we want to add an additional digital transformation accelerator to the picture: having the right technology partner.

Empirical evidence coming from the Dell Digital Transformation Index 2020 reveals that 1 in 5 companies doesn’t feel they have the right technology partner to enable an effective transformative process.

How can having a right partnership make a difference?

1. It can expand your capabilities
Firms can develop skills that are too complex and costly to be developed “in-house”;

2. It can expand your customer and partner pool
By partnering with valuable organizations your firm gets exposed to a whole ecosystem and network of people willing to work with your company;

3. It can improve your ability to win customer contracts
Companies with broad skillsets are the most likely to win contracts, and partnerships can provide you with the complementary resources you were lacking to gain a complete and competitive skillset.

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