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How to accelerate the process?

Last week we described three different degrees of impact of a digital transformation journey.
Today we outline three practical steps companies can take to accelerate a digital transformation process to win in the “next normal” business landscape.

1. Audit your current state of digital maturity

Auditing the digital health of an organization involves review three basic elements: developing trends in the market, the current technology landscape in the company, and the skills, capabilities and offerings of the company.

2. Analyze the disruption in your customer journey

Analysing the customer journey involves the identification of breaks in the touch points and interactions that might impact the customer’s experience. There are numerous AI-based virtual assistants and chatbots in the market, that enable companies to supplement customer engagement and fill the breaks in the customer journey with value-added interactions.

3. Leverage technology solutions to pivot the business model

Digital solutions can create a competitive advantage and drive sustainable results, but it is critical to focus on the right initiatives aligned with long-term strategic objective.

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