Automated Work Analysis (AWA)

Analyze how Work is done, Automatically

The dematerialization of office work complicates understanding workload and the sequence of activities performed.​

  • Are you seeking to understand your collaborators’ workload
  • Do you want to assess the optimization level of your transactional processes? ​
  • Are you aiming to increase productivity?
  • Do you want to enhance the user experience of your digital tools?

To identify opportunities for improvement and automation, it's crucial to have a precise understanding of what individuals do to complete a process task.

The solution?

Automated Work Analysis

The Automated Work Analysis is a tool that collects process data automatically and reliably, analyzing it to drive innovation and enhance productivity.


Accurate and reliable collection of process data,  without disrupting the daily activities of your colleagues, done automatically.


Understanding what happens in the performance of various activities – the tasks completed – transitions from one application to another, from one process step to another.


Thanks to the previous activities, conducting a thorough and comprehensive analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.  


Effortlessly move towards operational excellence and workforce productivity.

Collect reliable data automatically with cutting-edge technology.

Redesign the user experience in using
various digital tools.

Analyze the data,
uncover patterns,
and identify areas
for improvement.

Optimize the work
and make it more
fulfilling for those
who perform it.

Uncover a goldmine
of automation

We respect privacy and sensitive data

Our system is clear when data collection is active. The employee can stop it at any time by activating “privacy mode”.

Employee data can be completely anonymized. We do not collect data related to the information being processed or what appears on screen.

The AWA approach involves a few weeks of sampled data collection (it’s not a remote monitoring system) and is tied to an improvement project.

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