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B-CORP and company growth

Sustainability has become such a fundamental theme for companies that it is becoming one with companies’ activities. Every company process, from marketing to production, from human resources management to relationships with suppliers, contributes to the Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA) measurement.

The article published last week highlighted that more than 50% of the companies in the panel have been or are in the process of developing a sustainability plan. There are few, however, that are already considering sustainability as a foundation of their business model: the B-Corp companies.

Certified B-Corporations (B-Corp) are companies that voluntarily give priority not only to financial profitability but use their resources and visibility to address social and environmental issues. These companies aim to change the economic and cultural paradigms to better adapt to the century’s needs.

To be certified as B-Corp, a company needs first to be assessed on the impact on all stakeholders and then, this assessment needs to be verified by B-Lab, the nonprofit corporation behind the B-Corp certification.

B-Corporations pledge to see a profit that goes beyond monetary, considering environmental and social successes as part of corporate profit.

Is “being a B-Corp just about marketing”?


  • 66% of the certified companies also saw an increase in profit
  • 52% B-Corps increased their workforce

… it means that B-Corporations can also grow over time while pursuing the environmental and social performance needed for the certification.


Source: “Cambiare il mondo è un’impresa. Possibile” B-Corporation Certification 2021 Report

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