Broaden Your Leadership Style

Leadership is something intangible that is changing over the years, it is a style, maybe natural, but of course, you can improve your skills.

The traditional “command and control” style is nowadays outdated and new agile and collaborative approaches have become usual. But the approach “out with the old, in with the new” is too simple to be real, for example during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic a top-down decision approach was extremely valuable.

Basically, out-of-date is only the idea that a leader should adopt a fixed leadership style, because a single approach of leadership, traditional or emerging, is not going to meet all the challenges that a leader has to face.

The secret is not working and perfecting a leadership style but developing and broadening his leadership styles range, to be ready to face every single situation, let’s explain three tips to enhance the leadership range:

  1. Understand yourself: be aware of your natural strengths and weaknesses to build your cognitive self-awareness. Being self-aware helps to provide you a baseline to understand where you are more comfortable or where you should pay more attention.
  2. Understand the environment: the environment is done by situations and people, you need to understand both. About the situation, a leader needs to live an experience in a present and a non-judgement way to identify the relevant stimuli from the environment. With people, a leader needs to develop cognitive empathy and understand others situations but in the meantime, he has to understand one’s own emotional state.
  3. Broaden your range: if the situation is not really in your leadership range don’t try to change radically your style or impose it but try to seek out role models with different capabilities and motivations both in or out of your team and practice micro-behaviors to near your leadership style to the situation.

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