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Creativity enhancers

The sameness, lack of novelty and stress that came with Covid-19 can negatively impact our creativity. With the pandemic keeping us in our limited and stressful worlds for the foreseeable future, do we have to resign ourselves to an increasing lack of creativity in our work and lives?

Not necessarily. Try to apply these five strategies to widen your world view and enhance your creativity:
Harness your negative emotions: negative emotions can be a vital component of our emotional tool kit, motivating us to focus our minds and moods in productive ways and fueling us to achieve goals.
Engage in an expressive outlet: expressing yourself through art can help manage stress and anxiety, and even improve health.
Get into a flow state: have you ever been so completely immersed in an activity that you lost all sense of time? This state is called “flow”. People who experience flow report higher levels of creativity, productivity, and happiness.
Broaden your network: diverse networks and knowledge diversity positively correlates with individual creativity. We can still network virtually!
Spend time in nature: spending quality time outside has been proved to increase people’s creative potential by 50%.

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