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Customer centricity: an organizational culture

Every company believes to be customer centric. The truth is that rather than adopting a customer centric approach, many companies adopt a product centric approach, focusing on how to enhance their actual offering rather than putting themselves in their customers’ shoes.

There are three ways companies can come up with innovative ideas by thinking about customers first:
Understand customers’ problems: customers struggle to articulate and communicate their problems. It is critical to dig deeper to understand the root cause of customers’ challenges.
Identify pain points: instead of identifying and solving specific customer problems, many companies just try to close the gaps with competitors. They keep investing in technologies to reduce their competitive disadvantage, losing the focus on customers’ needs.
Look beyond your product: most companies make the customer journey start and end with their product. They miss what is driving customers in the first place, which can be highly useful in devising opportunities to add value.

Customer centricity is a way of thinking that needs to penetrate each layer of the organizational culture, something that makes you always wonder: are we creating value for our customer?

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