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How Effective Are Your KPIs?

Key Process Indicators (KPIs) are often seen as the key to making any decision. Check out the key aspects for creating a solid and useful KPI:

🔹 Measurable: Is the indicator structured to be represented as a number, percentage, or ratio? Are the data to obtain the indicator already available or can they be collected as needed?

🔹 Relevant: Is the indicator directly linked to one of the key process metrics? Does the indicator help communicate what is important?

🔹 Valid: Does the indicator truly measure what is intended to be monitored?

🔹 Understandable: Is the indicator structured to be easily understandable?

🔹 Actionable: Is the indicator useful for the decision making process?

🔹 Reliable: Is the source of information capable of producing quality data in the medium to long term?

By streamlining processes, eliminating inefficiencies, and boosting productivity through data and process metrics analysis, KYMA TEAM ensure that your KPIs are not just numbers on a spreadsheet, but actionable tools driving your business forward.

KPIs are like the compass that guides your ship through the stormy sea of decision making. Reach out KYMA TEAM and let us help you chart your course to success.

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