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Industrial firms: how to engage customers through digital solutions

When it comes to embracing digital solutions to engage customers, many industrial businesses have lagged behind consumer-facing enterprises. For these companies, the time is now to make thoughtful digital investments.

Successful firms do not simply set up an e-commerce capability or throw money at the latest hot technology and hope something sticks. Rather, they analyze the customer journey and carefully select digital tools that are best suited to engage customers based on their individual needs and behaviors.

  • Pre-purchase phase: a potential customer identifies a need, researches potential solutions and ultimately selects a product. Digital tools can be employed to win customers at this critical stage. Examples: augmented reality to engage customers, 3D visualization tools.
  • Purchase phase: a customer wants to carry out the transaction as effortlessly as possible. Digital portals not only facilitate purchases but help companies meet their customers’ needs efficiently. Examples: online ordering, online tracking, automation of repeat orders, online quotes, tailor-made recommendations.
  • Post-purchase phase: post-purchase service and support are essential to ensuring customer loyalty. This is an area where industrial firms have an opportunity to shine. Examples: Industry 4.0, operations visualization, monitor and diagnose issues remotely, predict maintenance needs.


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