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Is Virtual Reality the future of corporate training?

Soldiers, surgeons, and astronauts have trained for decades in virtual reality (VR). People learn best by doing, and by getting feedback when they make mistakes. Over the past few years, the cost to deploy VR has plummeted, and the technology has expanded into more general use at corporations.

Findings support the equivalence of VR training to face-to-face training, the economic savings of VR or the decreased amount of time needed to train with VR compared to traditional techniques.

Giants as Walmart, Verizon and Sprouts Farmers Market have already taken advantage of VR as:

  • A more efficient way to learn procedures.
  • A safe place to learn soft skills.
  • A way of introducing new employees to the corporate culture.

VR was beginning to catch on before Covid-19, but the global pandemic and the push to remote work is fast-tracking the need for such tools. Remote trainings will be soon the new normal. Are we ready to take it one step further?

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