KYMA’s Commitment Towards Alpine Glaciers

© Courtesy of Glac-UP

This Christmas, KYMA TEAM has decided to support Glac-UP in the protection and enhancement of Alpine glaciers. These pearls of our Alps are dramatically at risk: the European Environment Agency estimates that up to 90% of their volume may no longer exist by 2100!

Glac-UP, founded by Pietro, a KYMA alumnus, together with his friends Gabriele, Sara and Giovanni, aims to be the first start-up with the aim of protecting and enhancing the most beloved Alpine glaciers. How? By involving people and companies and allowing them to adopt some square meters of a glacier, to finance what is currently identified by science as the most effective active protection system to reduce glaciers’ melting, namely to cover them during the warmer season with special geotextile tarps that every year succeed in saving up to 3.5 meters of ice thickness.

Glac-UP thus launched its first mission: the Presena glacier, located on the border between Brescia and Trento, belonging to the well-known Pontedilegno-Tonale ski resort, is the first glacier to which the benefit company dedicates its commitment. By visiting Glac-UP website, each person, by buying or gifting one of the Ice Packs, can have a concrete impact in the protection of this victim of climate change.

KYMA has then chosen to become a partner of the Glac-UP x Presena project, gifting KYMA’s friends with some Snowflake Ice Packs for Christmas, allowing them to adopt 1 square meter of glacier, protecting up to 3 cubic meters of ice thickness. This allows us to involve our partners with a gift that is “green” (or rather, white), innovative and with a measurable impact: the protection of a glacier.

KYMA has also chosen to go further, by contributing, considering gifts and direct adoption, for a total of 60 square meters of the Presena for the 2022 season!

However, this Christmas let’s not forget that the cause of many of the problems affecting our planet – including the rapid melting of Alpine glaciers – are CO2 emissions. Among the concrete and explicit objectives of Glac-UP, there is also that of raising awareness for the importance of reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve effective and long-term solutions, it is necessary for each person to devote himself to more sustainable behaviours, starting from our daily life!

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