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Scale your digital transformation

Digital transformation could mean focusing on speed first, making changes quickly where it matters most (e.g. new analytics, testing innovative businesses, launching Apps…) because the primary objective is to stay one step ahead of the change. Anyway, in the actual environment speed on its own is not enough anymore because, on the way to scale and lasting impact, you run aground legacy issues such as operating models, corporate culture, resistance to change, and so on.

Therefore, competing in a digital world means transforming both hard capabilities (tech infrastructure) and soft capabilities (culture and operating model) to create a business environment in which change is well-liked and widespread and goals are enabled by digital technology.

It is a hard process that needs time to be consolidated and it involves employees and people at any level of the organization starting from management-driven decisions about goals and technologically investments (starting point), it goes through the consolidation of the technology in the ecosystem and it finishes with the spreading of culture within the internal processes and the consolidation of them during years, this is the 3 R methodology:

  • REPLATFORM: invest in modern tech infrastructure (i.e. Cloud) and keep them at the pace with continuous researches on the market and new investments;
  • REFRAME: adopt strategy and goals measurable and tech-driven and create a network of technological partnerships in the environment;
  • REACH: expand the access to technology to all functions and embrace a broader program of values, which includes employee reskilling, well-being, and mental health.

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