Should I Schedule a Meeting?

Remote work and hybrid models are likely to persist and continue in the future, mostly for a highly educated workforce; finance, #management, professional services, consulting, and information sectors have the highest potential for remote work.

Obviously, this has changed the way of working giving a new dimension to the tools that allow you to stay always in contact with people (e.g. chat, video-call…), they are the basis of the daily work routine.

Working from remote could intensify the scheduling of #meetings, according a research of Microsoft, where the company was experiencing the shift to remote work,  workers were scheduling more 30-minute meetings than they ever had before, contributing to an overall meeting-time increase of 10% each week.

It could be not good news because meetings generally decrease employee productivity and happiness, the chart in the picture below could represent a way to rethink the scheduling of virtual meetings and a way to ask yourself if the meeting is really necessary.

Of course, when we are obliged to stay at home videoconferencing has a different psychological impact becoming a way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends; but what do you think about meetings in a future remote work routine?

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