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Tech Should Enable Change, Not Drive It

The world is changing quickly and Companies evaluate new technologies to keep pace and to survive in the industry; however technology should only help this transformation, people are the key. We know that people are the most powerful asset of a Company: human curiosity, talent, creativity, and different backgrounds can solve problems and create ideas and solutions to keep the Company in the best situation and even be disruptive and change the industry.

Therefore, the most innovative Company is the Human Enterprise where “Business Transformation” is people-driven transformation helped by technology, putting humans in the centre accelerate the long-term value created not only for the Company itself but also for all the employees, the stakeholders along the entire value chain and even for the industry Ecosystem. So, how to become a Human Enterprise?

  1. UP THE HUMANITY: put the people in the centre, people needs should be the drivers of every decision-making process;
  2. REMOVE FRICTION: exploit technology to allow people to collaborate and do their jobs without frictions, trust and transparency are directly proportional to employee happiness;
  3. VALUE INCLUSION: recognize diversity and inclusion as added values, they can trigger new ideas and increase creativity, employee happiness and trust;
  4. DELIVER AT SPEED: be fluid, enhance values over hierarchy and create diverse teams to stimulate a creative culture that allows delivering value faster.

A Human Enterprise is in a constant process of evolution adapting itself without having self-made obstacles in the path.


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