The future is green: do companies have a plan?

In the last ten years, sustainability and care for the planet and its inhabitants have become increasingly important, moving from a concern of a few to a topic of debate for governments, companies, and individual citizens.

Today, to be sustainable, a company must not only reduce its environmental impact with actions such as recycling, but it must act to implement processes aimed at guaranteeing economic and social well-being without losing sight of performance and economic profit-related goals.

But are companies realizing the need to develop sustainability goals? Have they defined plans?

To find an answer to these questions a study has been carried on by submitting a questionnaire to 100 companies from ten different sectors (Insurance and Banking; Industrial, Energy & Utilities; Health, Biotech & Chemicals; Automotive & Transport; Media & Telco; Food & Beverages; Engineering & Construction; ICT & Hi-Tech; Textile & Apparel).

The research showed that:

  • 35% plan with quantitative targets and deadlines
  • 9% plan with quantitative targets without deadlines
  • 25% plan with quality objectives
  • 15% plan to develop a plan
  • 16% no plan

As it is possible to see, 44% of the companies have been developing a plan with quantitative targets, a percentage that increased by 6% from 2019, while 25% of the companies have been developing a quality objective plan. These numbers bring the number of companies that have been developing a sustainability plan up to 69%.


What is your company doing? Have you developed sustainability goals and a plan to achieve them?


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