Your Credit Scoring

Your needs, your clients, your experience

Market solutions for B2B credit assessments primarily rely on “external” scoring provided by specialized operators and, at times, on internally developed evaluative scorecards.

  • How to balance commercial growth and credit risk?
  • How to combine external data sources with corporate experience and knowledge
  • Are you aiming to increase productivity?
  • How to adequately leverage field information compared to often year-old financial data?

How to assess the credit risk of your clients and prospects in a B2B market while leveraging your informational assets and calibrating your credit risk relative to your commercial policy?


Your Credit Scoring

Our approach develops a bespoke algorithm for the company,
customized for each type of client,
and primarily based on three categories of data: collects process data automatically and 

credit scoring
data providers

Company data on
payments (historical
and real-time)
and pricing

Quantitative and qualitative data
(reflecting customer knowledge
and market experience)

Why Your Credit Scoring


The evaluative scores provided by operators are “fixed” and do not adapt to individual clients.
“Your Credit Scoring” integrates your experience and market knowledge, as well as that of your sales team.
The risk categories of each credit scoring algorithm we develop are defined based on the “risk level” you are willing to bear and can be adjusted based on commercial campaigns or marketing initiatives, by customer type, in a deliberate manner.
We provide a solution that covers the process from prospect evaluation to approval of various credit levels, up to daily monitoring.

Our approach

The approach we propose
covers the entire company
value chain, from sales planning
to credit collection.
It enhances the company’s credit
culture and reduces (if not eliminates)
the typical conflicts between
the sales and administrative functions.