Your CSR Strategy Needs To Be Goal Driven, Achievable And Authentic

Big problems like climate change and inequality require big, systemic solutions. Companies that don’t take action risk losing investment opportunities and market shares. A goal-driven #corporateresponsibility strategy can help companies challenge themselves to do more while also increasing their #accountability to stakeholders. As setting #corporateresponsibility goals are something different for every company, the six tips to consider to develop a goal-driven corporate reasonability strategy that suits your organization are:

  1. Get Buy-in from Your Executives: executive support of the strategy will communicate its importance to employees and other stakeholders, facilitating a successful companywide implementation.
  2. Determine Your Material Issues: the areas that matter most to stakeholders, and where your company can deliver the most impact through its operations, products, and services.
  3. Align Goals to Company Values & Culture: after determining the material issues, it is fundamental to discuss how to approach these issues in a way that is authentic to your company’s purpose, values, brand, and culture.
  4. Establish Your Goal Framework: a framework organizing and communicating the goals in a memorable, effective way.
  5. Create a System of Implementation and Accountability: achieving corporate responsibility requires consistent effort and collaboration across an organization. Establishing a corporate responsibility council of executives and senior managers that is accountable to the board of directors is a concrete approach to create such a system.
  6. Deliver Transparent Reporting: the three principles that must be applied to corporate responsibility reporting are #honesty, #transparency, and #repetition. Publish your goals and then regularly report challenges and progress.

Don’t forget to be proud of the work you’ve done! You may not have a €100 million budget to pledge, but you have something just as valuable to share: an authentic, research-based corporate responsibility strategy. No matter how big or small the company, we can all use our unique gifts for good!


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