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Here some examples of our experience with customers, contact us to receive additional information.

Business Excellence/Operational Excellence

initial assessment of the operating model for the purpose of a digital transformation. Analysis and review of Order to cash processes, Production Planning, Budget & Forecasting: identification of improvement areas, design of a new process and implementation of a digitalization plan.

cold supply chain optimization for a food company through the creation of a National Distribution Center, 10 regional warehouses and 25 provincial cross docking. 20% reduction of finished product stock, optimization of safety stock and forecasting process.

15% improvement of packaging OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), followed by a 5% reduction of COGS.

5% reduction of raw material purchasing costs through the rationalization of the supplier base and framework agreements.

design and implementation of the optimization system for analytical laboratory flows through new cell design, Kanban system, 5S activities, standard work and control dashboard. Efficiency improved by 25%

design, launch and management of a visual management lean leadership program for the production function of an automotive components’ producer. Sharp improvement of the operative team engagement and of the annual survey results on working environment.

Business Innovation

Customer value strategy development for a specific customer segment alongside the definition of customer experience, customer value chain and organization-customer touchpoints.

Identification of unmet customer needs and redesign of the customer journey of new services for a financial service firm through the detection of new service offering and business models. In addition, the project focused on the organizational perception of the main business, key competences and services provided.

New store concept design for a top retail operator (books and music). Strong focus on customer experience and unmet needs led to a 200% results over objectives.

Creation of an innovative business model for a new B2B/B2B2C offer of a leading financial service firm. The model has been successfully realized, allowing to double market access already with the first selected partner.

Strategy Execution

Process Management and Strategy Execution system design for a financial service firm belonging to a leading group. The adopted approach resulted in increased organizational engagement and improved sharing and monitoring of strategic objectives.

Implementation of a Strategy Execution system in connection with Financial Advisors engagement program. The program mix resulted in a 25% increase in AUM and Net Profit.

Strategy Execution program design together with the HQ team and Country Manager. Implementation across all the societies belonging to the group (3 continents).

Kyma Academy

Delivering of several company and inter-company Lean-Six Sigma trainings, integrated by coaching of process improvement projects.

Development and implementation of a training program in support of a Drug Development project-driven process development, built on a matrix organizational structure that guarantees alignment between project and functions.

Collaboration with the OpEx team of a leading Food group to calibrate and align to high standards Black Belt soft and hard skills. The training has been carried out at global level.