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Strategy Execution Flow

Unlike with the typical implementation of Strategy Execution approaches, in which leaders dictate set strategies and expect subordinates to mechanically follow, it is critical that senior managers empower workers by allowing them to use their best judgment in the scenarios they encounter.

But to effectively enable those individual choices, a choice maker “upstream” must set the context for those downstream. At each level, the choice maker can help his employees make better choices in four specific ways:

  • Explain the choice that has been made and the rationale for it.
  • Explicitly identify the next downstream choice.
  • Assist in making the downstream choice as needed.
  • Commit to revisiting and modifying the choice based on downstream feedback.

Each of these operational steps can be executed in alignment with almost all Strategy Execution methodology.
Only once each employee is granted the autonomy to assume a more active and responsible role within the organization, one will be able to say that strategy is being executed.

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